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Empowering Women through Clean Cooking and lighting Technology and Entrepreneurship

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September 28, 2015

NAIROBI –In efforts to promote the role of women in clean energy solutions to climate change, wPOWER Hub of the University of Nairobi, on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 organized a three day community training in Maragua, Central Kenya, to showcase how clean cooking and lighting technologies play important roles in unleashing the potential of women for a better future.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness among the community, that access to clean cooking and lighting solutions and environmental stewardship are critical drivers to gender equality. It also provided opportunity for all participants to learn something new, to make new partnerships and to inform the wPOWER Hub work to ensure the empowering effect of clean energy, technology and entrepreneurship –on women in the community.

According to a baseline survey conducted by the wPOWER Hub in the region’s six villages Mung’etho,Kiyo,Gituamba,Kamuiru,Matamya and Ngainye, 85% of the community members use fuel wood, with charcoal taking 9% and kerosene taking 1%.

While addressing the audience, Prof.Kiama Gitahi, wPOWER Hub Academic Director said “The problems that face the world today cannot be solved without the full participation of women and only when women make progress does their community make progress too”.


Prof.Kiama Gitahi addressing participants

The training themed “Sustainable Clean energy entrepreneurship” had lead facilitators from wPOWER Hub Partners Care and the Green Belt Movement. Through presentation of success stories, the training encouraged, engaged and interacted with grassroots women.More than 50 women were trained in the process.

Lack of access to energy, be it for cooking or for lighting, and resulting energy poverty are issues that need to be tackled today, and women are ready to play their part as innovators, entrepreneurs, policy makers and consumers!

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wPOWER HubEmpowering Women through Clean Cooking and lighting Technology and Entrepreneurship

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